Single Make Challenge

thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE%2F2018-08%2FRegulations_small.png&w=100&h=0Sporting Regulations

Rules and Regulations for the CanAM VRL Project CARS 2 racing series

Sporting Regulations

thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE%2F2018-08%2FEntries_small.png&w=100&h=0Series Entries

Series Entries and Spotter's Guide

Series Entries

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Series Points Standings.

thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE%2F2018-08%2FRace_Registration_small.png&w=100&h=0Race Registration

Per Race Registration. Drivers must register their intent to participate for each race. This will help identify if a pre race qualifying event is required or not. Race Registration ends 72 hours prior to the schedules race.

thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE%2F2018-08%2FSeries_Register_small.png&w=100&h=0Series Sign Up

Driver Sign Up to participate in the season. All drivers must register for the season and make their car/livery selection. You must be a registered member of this website before you can join the season, as all primary communications with drivers are done via this website.

thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE%2F2018-08%2Fpodium_small.png&w=100&h=0Race Results

Full results and statistics for each race of the season

Race Results

thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE%2F2018-10%2Ftiming.png&w=100&h=0Live TIming and Scoring

thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE%2F2018-08%2Fschedule_small.png&w=100&h=0Event Schedule

Calendar of all upcoming CanAm VRL events

Event Schedule