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        I started my early evening by logging on to my Playstation 4, to fill the day’s lapse of meaningful activities.  With this free time I planned on escaping the burdened feeling of global community with all its sensitivities and interests in self involvements by caring for my crops on Farming Simulator 2015.  But out of curiosity, I decided to postpone my desires by scanning through my friends list to see the recent activities of each person.  One name led to another and I found myself staring at a name almost all of us know, and a name that hasn’t been forgotten by those who knew him.  

       LorddragonKD has been gone for almost 7 months and needless to say, there isn’t any new activities posted for his account.  His page gives reminder of his passing because of this, but I found something refreshing.  I found an Achievement hidden in all the still activity.  This achievement is in the open for 84 people to see. I know 7 months isn't really a large amount of time in the big scheme of things, but in the world of gaming that revolves around electronics, and the endless attention these devices demand on us, 7 months is a long time.  And with this passing time, 84 of us have kept Dragon on our friends list.  It is touching to see how many of us will do the smallest things we can out of respect and honor for someone we have never met in person, but a man we all feel was with us in our livingrooms, dens, or bedrooms over the years racing with us.
       Though we may not speak of him daily or think of him every time we are on track together, Lorddragon is still a friend of us all.  He is one of the pieces of the puzzle that made CANAM VRL what it is.  He is a reminder that in the end, “A friend may be a person we know little about, but someone that holds the same interests as you and chooses to spend their time involved in those activities with you. “  Most of all, Lorddragon’s friend’s list shows us that though we may complain with each other over rules or rulings in the game. We choose to be here with the same group of people every week for a reason, Friendship.  CANAM VRL can only be what it is because it possesses what Lorddragon possesses.  A long list of friends.

       I started this letter by saying, I logged on today “to fill the day’s lapse in meaningful activities.” But I ended up finding a purpose in it.  Like Rudyard Kipling said in his poem,  IF.  “…Fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run.”     RACE ON!!! 

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  • xCarFanaTICx
    3 years ago

    re read this today and while budman is correct in saying that he is one of the pieces he is so much more than that, in many ways he was a founding member and cornerstone of what this has become. Even on days when I personally didn't feel like practicing there he was sending messages for me to get in and practice, put laps in just to get time on track, being a close friend I feel of Chris I think of him every time I put my hands on my g27 that if not for him I would never have thought of buying, every time i shoot my weapon whether it be on call of duty, battlefield, or especially destiny, I cant help but think of him sending me requests to come play and "blow shit up as he called it" during the time that he was in my life I got better at every game that played but especially driving, he was a great friend and an inspiration to many including myself and I a eternally grateful for his friendship. Let us never forget LorddragonKD Chris Dewells a great friend to us all

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  • F1_Racer68
    3 years ago

    Thanks for this great post BUDMAN89799.

    I am sure many of us think of LordDragonKD (Chris) on a regular basis. To many of us, he was and is a part of the heart and soul of CanAm VRL. It's for this reason that his account on this site will remain active for as long as this site exists.

    I personally think of him almost every week. Partly because (by sheer coincidence?) I have had the honor and privilege of carrying his number (82) this season in our Project CARS series. Every race I have felt his presence. I only hope that I am doing him proud.

    I haven't been on PSN in many months myself, so I have not had a chance to browse through my friends list as you just did. I know that it would have brought a smile to my face to see his name on that list. Even though I may no longer be on the PS3 as I once was, I will always keep him as a member of my friends list.

    LordDragonKD had a quote from one of his favorite bands, that I think truly represents him and what he brought to CanAm VRL and to his racing....

    "Give me Fuel. Give me fire. Give me that which I desire."

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