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Round 2 - Long Beach Supplemental Regulations

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Track specific Supplemental Regulations provide guidance to drivers for issues or details that are track specific in nature.

Track specific Supplemental Regulations provide guidance to drivers for issues or details that are track specific in nature. These Supplemental Regulations enhance the standing Sporting Regulations document by either expanding, or altering, the standings Sporting Regulations. They are considered as being "in addition to" the Sporting Regulations.

The following Supplemental regulations will apply for Round 2 of the CanAm IndyCar Series Presented by Sabai Technology.

Acceleration Zone

The official IndyCar accelleration zone will be used as outlined below and in the attached image.

  • Acceleration zone begins with the verticle START sign on the fence at Driver's left.
  • START sign is located just after the blue Port of Long Beach pedestian bridge
  • See large yellow arrow and yellow and red outline in image.
  • Pole sitter may accelerate at any point AFTER this sign, and will announce "GREEN, GREEN, GREEN" upon accelerating.
  • Drivers may accelerate as soon as they hear the green flag call, but may NOT pass another car until they have corssed the START/FINISH line. Accident avoidance and similar exceptions will be made. Use your judgement at the time and panel will review after the race to determine if it is considered a jumped start or not.

Acceleration Zone LB

Pit Exit Lane

The pit exit area is deemed as NOT racing surface. Drivers on the track MUST remain to the left of the pit exit lane markings.

Drivers exiting the pit must remain to the right of the pit exit lane markings. Note that the pit exit lane goes all the way to the end of the second set fo doubel yellow lines as indicated by the green arrow in the attached image.

Drivers will be considered to be in violation of track limits if:

  • An on track driver allows his right side tires to fully cross the pit exit lane line in post race review
  • A driver exiting the pits crosse the pit exit lane markings before the end of the marked line. This will be penalized automatically within the game, and will result in a drive through penalty each time. Enough violations will result in a potential DQ by the game.
  • Any on track driver causing an incident with a car exiting the pits will face post race penalties per Sporting Regulations.

Pit Exit

These are the extent of the Supplemental Regulations for the Long Beach event.
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rFactor 2 - Globel Endurance Series

 F1_Racer68    17 Oct : 16:34
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CanAm VRL has been honored with an advance invitation to participate in the "Globel Endurance Series", being hosted by the fine folks over at Globel eSports.

CanAm VRL has been honored with an advance invitation to participate in the "Globel Endurance Series", being hosted by the fine folks over at Globel eSports.
This series is being run on the rFactor 2 simulator platform, and will be comprised of 11 races, spanning 12 months (one race per month except August) with the first race being the 24 Hours of Daytona on January 19th & 20th.
This is a true endurance series comprised of 4, 6, 12 and 24 hour events, with top teams from around the globe competing for top honors. All races will be live streamed by the series organizers, and CanAm VRL will also offer in car stremaing of our team cars on various streaming platforms.
Our Driver lineup is extremely talented and experienced in these types of events, and we hope to raise the CanAm VRL banner to new heights. Our team consists of the following drivers:

  • 2112 - Silver license
  • crowhop - Gold license
  • Dio_Giorno - Platinum license
  • F1_Racer68 - Platinum license
  • Fergy - Gold license
  • FreakVelocity - Gold license
  • Glasnost - Gold license
  • Kaladin - Gold license
  • Lessen - Platinum license
  • Millsy - Silver license
  • TBD - License TBD

License rating is based on the organizer's criterea of past resuls in any league series. All platinum licensed drivers are past series champions, gold drivers are past series podium winners, and Silver drivers have previous league/series experience. As you can see, we have a very strong, solid lineup, with a field of drivers that have extensive endurance racing experience in iRacing special events, including some drivers that have class wins in a 24 hour event.

CanAm VRL will be fielding at least 2 cars at every event, with the following driver line ups:

  • one Oreco 07 LMP2 entry (top class), Car Number 11, drivers will be:
    • crowhop
    • Dio_Giorno
    • Glasnost
    • Lessen
  • One Porsche 991 RSR GTE, car number 61, drivers will be:
    • 2112
    • Fergy
    • FreakVelocity
    • Millsy
    • TBD

F1_Racer68 will serve as overall Team Manager and Strategist, with FreakVelocity serving as Alternate Team Manager.

Kaladin and Docslap had planned to run with us as well, but schedule conflicts and uncertainty meant that both felt it best to remove themselves before the season started. Kaladin will continue to support our efforts as the team's official Test and Development driver, and reserve driver.

For the shorter races on the schedule, we may be permitted to field a 3rd car in the LMP3 class. In that case, drivers will be shuffled around appropriately to ensure our best chances for success in each class.

Races will include:

  • 24 Hours of Daytona - Jan 19th
  • 6 Hours of Sao Paulo - Feb 16th
  • 1000 miles (268 laps) of Sebring - Mar 30th
  • 6 Hours of Spa - Apr 27th
  • 6 Hours fo The Glen - May 25th
  • 24 Hours of Le Mans - Jun 22nd
  • 4 Hours of Silverstone - Jul 20th
  • 10 Hours of Road Atlanta - Sep 21st
  • 6 Hours of Fuji - Oct 26th
  • 4 Hours of Shanghai - Nov 23rd
  • 8 Hours of Bahrain - Dec 14th

Be sure to check the 2019 Events Calendar to see when we race, and make sure to support your CanAm VRL teams as we carry the banner to represent CanAm VRL in front of the racing world.
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