Tuesday 15 January 2019

Marketing Partner

 F1_Racer68    15 Jan : 21:22
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CanAm VRL is pleased to announce a new cross-marketing partnership with iNTACT esports.

CanAm VRL is pleased to announce a new cross-marketing partnership with iNTACT esports.

iNTACT esports is a highly respected, and highly competitive esports team specializing in:

  • Counter Strike
  • Fortinite
  • Rocket League

With over 1200 Twitter followers, and nearly 400 Twitch followers, iNTACT has a strong presence and large fanbase to help us reach a larger gaming audience.

The goal of the partnership is to allow for cross pollination of players between the 2 groups, as well as helping promote each other to our audiences for greater growth of each group.

With that in mind, CanAm VRL will carry the iNTACT logos on our liveries for the upcoming iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona, and all other future iRacing special events. Logos will also be included on all custom liveries in our rFactor2 series, as well as in our live streams. Additional uses and presence of the logo are still to be defined.

A special thank you to CanAm VRL Vice PResident Docslap, and iNTACT Leader TacoMike for laying the groundwork for this partnership. We look forward to many successful years of combined growth and success.

Founded by Michael Charles & Cody Reeder in 2018, alongside the booming professional video gaming industry. Intact eSports has been hard at work, carving out a name for ourselves in the expanding North American Counter Strike, Fortnite & Rocket League scenes. Pushing the envelope to create America’s next premier organization in the online gaming sphere.

Intact strives to captivate the masses, recruiting players & content creators with the skill, drive and the unwavering commitment to be successful. We’ve built a culture with a winning strategy & continue to #RiseAbove.

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Saturday 12 January 2019

Growth Demands Evolution

 F1_Racer68    12 Jan : 21:21
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CanAm VRL Logo (2017) v2.png

Over the past several months, CanAm VRL has seen a steady decline in numbers of active drivers for official league races.

Over the past several months, CanAm VRL has seen a steady decline in numbers of active drivers for official league races. WHile many of those drivers are still active within the league, something has caused a steady decline in interest in the actual racing.

Some drivers have moved to other platforms, some drivers have simply had too many real world distractions that have obviously (and rightly) taken priority over their time, and still others simply didn't care for the format of this past season (IndyCar).

One fairly common thread we have seen over and over again though is a steady level of complaints over online specific issues with the current sim platform of choice. This has also resulted in a noticeable decline of drivers looking for online leagues running that platform. Obviously, this has impacted and hampered our ability to recruit new members. While the platform we are currently using provides excellent racing for offline, and short informal "pickup" style races, there is a well documented list of issues that hinder our longer race formats. Many of us have willingly continued on with those issues in the hopes that they would eventually get addressed via patches. Now that support has ended without those issues being resolved, it has pushed us to consider other options.

With that in mind, we have run several test and evaluation events using rFactor 2. Most recently, we ran a very successful event using the recently released Studio 397 Endurance pack (LMP2, LMP3, GTE and Sebring track). Turnout for this event was terrific, with 15 drivers participating. Overall feedback was extremely positive.

Some of the main points of feedback from the various test events were:

  • No noticeable lag issues for any drivers
  • No unexpected pit stop issues
  • Track evolved as expected
  • Cars handled consistently from one session to the next
  • Physics and FFB were good
  • Quality of racing was great
  • rFactor 2 is receiving constant and ongoing development, updates, and new content.
  • Graphics are "meh".... platform looks dated
  • Available mod cars/tracks are not always that great. Some are downright bad, yet others are very, very good.

rFactor 2 also offers a very good recruiting opportunity, as it is as highly regarded in the more serious sim player base as iRacing is. It still has it's flaws, but it is far more highly regarded for running leagues in. As a resutl, it opens up a bigger potential driver pool. We also have an advantage in that most current rFactor 2 leagues are Asia and Europe based. We have a major opportunity to establish ourselves in an untapped market.

With that in mind, the panel has decided on the following path going forward:

  • The current Project CARS 2 IndyCar season will be cancelled.
  • Planning is underway for a new season of MultiClass endurance racing in rFactor 2.
  • Project CARS 2 will still remain an active platform based around the series/format recently started by league member Lessen.
    • This is a less formal, more "pickup" style format that can serve to keep us invovled in pC2, but also hopefully help recruit more drivers.
  • The new season will begin in mid to late Feb (exact details to be announced soon)
  • New season will use the official Studio 397 Endurance pack cars (LMP2 and GTE).

By cancelling the current season (3 races cancelled), we hope to give members the time and opportunity to get settled into rFactor 2. A new sim for many members, it will require time to get the game installed, tweaked and functioning to each driver's preferences. It is a very customizeable platform, so tinkering is required. It will also give members time to adjust to the nuances and intricacies of how the cars drive and are tuned. This will also give us time for a major marketing blitz on the major rFactor 2 sites, forums, Twitter, Discord, etc.

While we understand that some members will decide not to make this switch with us, we feel it is in the best interest for the future of CanAm VRL. We are sorry to lose any members that feel strongly opposed to this switch, and we wish that were not the case. For those drivers that do decide not to switch, we hope you will still continue to race with us in the ongoing Project CARS 2 format.

Change is never easy, and will bring growing pains. Our hope is that short term pain will lead to long term gain.

Even this change will not be the final change of platform for CanAm VRL. As new sims are released, we most continually review, test and evaluate them in order to ensure we are always using the best platform for the style of racing this league was built on.

Technology is always moving and evolving. We must also continue to always evolve if we want to avoid extinction.

We hope to see you all on track with us in February.

[Submitted by F1_Racer68]

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