Wednesday 20 February 2019

Happy Anniversary

 F1_Racer68    20 Feb : 19:39
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Believe it or not, CanAm VRL is celebrating it's 8th year as a formal league this month.

Believe it or not, CanAm VRL is celebrating it's 8th year as a formal league this month.

Founded in February of 2011,on the Playstation Network as a Gran Turismo 5 based league, we certainly have come a long way.

We continue to grow and evolve with every year that passes. As part of that evolution, we also need ot perform some regualr maintenance to keep things sparkling fresh and functional. Just like an fine automobile, we need to keep the elements of the league in top working condition, and even give things a bit of a wash, wax and maybe touch up the paint a bit.

Today, we are pleased ot formally "touch up the paint" in the form of a shiny replainted logo.As we prepare to launch our next season of racing on a new (for us) platform, many of the league members have been preapring custom paint schemes for their cars. Durign that process, league member eracerhead noticed that our current logo was losing some of it's bling when reduced down to fit on a car.

Inspired by this, eracerhead decided to try and recreate a new version of our logo, keeping all of the original elements, but just freshening them up, and making them a bit cleaner for greater usage and felxibility. The end result is the logo you see here.

Over the next few days, this logo will begin to appear on all official CanAm VRL channels and communications, including this website, our Discord server, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, live streams, etc.

Drivers will not be asked to make any changes to their current liveries, but this logo will also be added to the Livery Toolkit for use on next season's cars.

Thanks again to eracerhead for providing the initial thought for the refreshed design, and for working with me to incorporate the small amounts of feedback. This final version is already receiving huge positive feedback.

And finally, Happy Anniversary to all CanAm VRL members. Whether you are a recent member, or an original founder, you are part of what I believe to be the best sim racing community (family) on the planet!

Now who brought the cake? I was told there owuld be cake.....

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Saturday 09 February 2019

International Sportscar Championship

 F1_Racer68    09 Feb : 11:32
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Excitement is building as the first race of CanAm VRL's International Sportscar Championship (ISC) approaches.

Excitement is building as the first race of CanAm VRL's International Sportscar Championship (ISC) approaches.

Teams and drivers are busy preparing for the first race of the season on Saturday, Feb 23rd, 2019 at Silverstone.

New Platform, New Looks

The 2019 International Sportscar Series will be CanAm VRL's first venture using the rFactor 2 platform for our flagship series. This brings a lot of changes that both drivers and organizers need to adapt to.
Among the most notable changes is the ability for all drivers to run personalized, customized, liveries. Many drivers are currently very actively working on their new looks for their chosen rides. Those drivers will need to download and apply the league specific numbers and stickers as provided. This Livery Toolkit form the website's Download section.

Drivers MUST submit their custom liveries to F1_Racer68 no later than Sunday, Feb 16th, 2019 in order to allow enough time to finalize the livery pack for distribution and creation of the official Spotter's Guide prior to the first race.

Changes are also coming to the broadcasts for this season as F1_Racer68 steps out of the car and into the booth, at least for the first few events. The search for a full time broadcaster is still ongoing, but is for now a lower priority. Once the season has started the search will pick up again.

A new logo has also been created and introduced for the International Sportscar Championship.

ISC Logo Transparent 2

This logo will appear in various locations such as Social Media, website pages, broadcast overlays, etc. The purpose is to help identify and distinguish this series from other series that CanAm VRL is now sanctioning.

There are three versions of this logo, depending on usage or application. The logo is available with a transparent background, black square background, and black round background as seen in the attahced images.

Full Schedule Finalized

While the full schedule was revealed a few weeks ago, the details of that schedule have now been finalized.

Races will be timed events, with race durations ranging from 60 to 90 minutes, with 2 events being 144 minutes in duration.

Full event details are now available on the official Calendar (Event Schedule) on the series specific page. Links to workshop locations for the specific tracks will be added to each event entry shortly.

So Little Time

With only 2 weeks remaining until the first race, there is still much to get done. Organizers are working at a feverish pace to get all the pieces in place.

Interest is high, and we do not want to disappoint. We have seen a good influx of new members to the league specifically for this series, and we want to ensure we impress them.

Strong Interest

As mentioned, we have seen a solid influx of new member sign ups as a direct result of this series.

On behalf of all Panel members, and all returning or long time members, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new members. We hope you have found a long term home with us here at CanAm VRL, and we look forward to competing against you all on track.

Bring on Silverstone!!

[Submitted by F1_Racer68]

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