Thursday 24 May 2018

CanAm VRL Presents Indy 500.

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The time is near.....

The time is near..... This Saturday, May 26th at 9:30 PM EDT the members of CanAm VRL will roar into the Brickyard for the Indy 500. Drivers will compete for the honors and bragging rights of being the first CanAM VRL driver to win "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing", or at least our virtual version of it...

Since this event is intended to be a fun celebration fo the Indy 500 spirit, it will be run slightly differently than our usual league races. For one thing, there will be no time acceleration, and tire wear will be set to Authentic rather than Accelerated. In the interests of keeping everyone invovled for as long as possible, we will also reduge the damage model from Full to Perfromance Impacting. This will ensure that no driver is knocked out of the race too early due to race ending damage. While we want maximum authenticity in our normal races, this is intended to be a more casual, and fun event.

Pitlane rules will follow the standard rules for IMS/IndyCar. Pit entry is from the front straight, just after the exit of Turn 4. Pit Exit is the long acceleration lane in the infiled, exiting onto the back straight after the exit of Turn 2.
We will also implement Full Course Yellows for this race, for the entire race. The instant there is an incidnet on track, those invovled will call "CAUTION". The race leader at that time will immediately slow his speed to 80MPH and no passing will be permitted. We will do 3 full laps under caution:

  • The lap the caution is called on
  • The next lap while pits are open
  • one more lap after pitstops.
  • All restarts will be single file.

Race night will consist of the usual 3 sessions, and follow our usual schedule. We will have a 50 minute practice session starting at 21:30 EDT. Qualifying will be 40 minutes, and the track is open to all drivers at that time. The race will then commence with the green flag at approximately 23:00 EDT.

Also, please note that we will use Discord as the Voice App for this race, as we will possibly have some non-members racing with us. I will create a new Voice Channel for that purpose this week. PLease make sure you are fully configured for Discord Voice.

See you on track! May the best League President win 

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Monday 26 March 2018

New Season Starts April 7th

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Excitement is building as we approach the start of our next season of racing!

Excitement is building as we approach the start of our next season of racing!

The new season will once again feature a multicalss series running LMP2 and GT3 classes.

There are currently 35 drivers registered, so we are hopefull there will be a full grid every race. We currently have 14 LMP2s and 21 GT3s with at least 1 more registration pending.
A full list of competitros can be seen using our Spotter's Guide, located here.

Our schedule spans 11 races, spanning the globe. Races last of 90 - 145 minutes, with the 145 minute races simulating a full 24 Hour time frame (with full time of day transitions).

Track Duration Date
Dubai 2.4 07-Apr
Algarve 1.5 21-Apr
Catalunya 1.5 05-May
Daytona 2.4 19-May
Sonoma 1.5 02-Jun
CoTA 1.5 16-Jun
Silverstone 1.5 30-Jun
Brands Hatch 1.5 14-Jul
Hockenheim 1.5 28-Jul
Imola 1.5 11-Aug
Le Mans 2.4 25-Aug

All races will be run using Real weather.

If this past weekend's preseason Meet and Greet event was any indication, we will be in for some intense battles and amazing racing through the entire field.

To be a part of the highest quality, most competitive Sim Racing in North America, come join us at CanAm VRL (, North America's Premier Sim Racing League 
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