Thursday 30 August 2018

New Organizational Structure

 F1_Racer68    30 Aug : 21:57
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As we mentioned last week, one of the many changes coming to CanAM VRL is a complete, top down, restructuring to support our expansion into other platforms.

As we mentioned last week, one of the many changes coming to CanAM VRL is a complete, top down, restructuring to support our expansion into other platforms.

For now, Project CARS 2 will remain the platform of choice for the official league series', but recently, many members have begun spending more time in other platforms.

Rather than seeing those members move on to other leagues in order to run more structured events in those platforms, it is far more desirable to have those members remain here wiht us in CanAm VRL. In order to make that happen, we will expand our footprint into iRacing and rFactor2. As we head in to 2019, several new platofrms such as Assetto Corsa Competizione and GTR3 will be looked at, and evaluated as potential platforms to carry us into the next decade.

In order to accomodate these changes, we have had to expand our leadership team and organizational structure. We asked for, and recevied a number of volunteers for the various positions, and we thank those members that have stepped up and agreed to help us with this.

Beginning this weekend, the new organizational structure will take effect. We will have 5 organizational units, each with their own areas of responsibility. WHile the full details of each organizational unit still need to be formalized, the basic breakdown is as follows:

Executive Panel

The Executive Panel is responsible for all major decisions regarding CanAm VRL. Thsi group will define the overall rules of conduct for the league, enforce all rules, ensure that all CanAm VRL sanctioned activities conform to our standards for proper league promotion, handle all post race protests for all series, and perform all other league leadership activities. The new Executive Panel consists of:

  • F1_Racer68 - President
  • Docslap - Vice President
  • Dio_Giorno
  • FreakVelocity (aka VelocityFreak)

The team will also have the overall authority over the other teams listed below. All aspects fo CanAm VRL will need to be approved by the Executive Panel.


The Marketing and Promotion team is responsible for all aspects of advertising CanAm VRL to the outside world. This team will produce all promotional content such as videos, posters, logos, and also manage all aspects of the website. This team will handle all outreach efforts to drive membership, viewership of our broadcasts, attract new sponsors, and all other aspects of promoting CanAm VRL to the world. The currnet team will consist of:

  • F1_Racer68
  • Millsy

Broadcast Team

As the name says, this is the team that is responsible for all aspects of our live broadcasts. The team will host, direct and produce the live broadcasts, as well as promotional videos, including driver interviews, Season promotional videos, post race highlight reels, etc. The team will consist of:

  • Millsy
  • FreakVelocity
  • Jason Rabe (Kaladin)
  • Lessen

iRacing Lead

The iRacing Lead team will be responsible for developing a more structured and organized approach to our membership's participation in iRacing. We want to ensure that when our members compete in iRacing events, that they will proudly fly the CanAm VRL banner. This is an excellent opportunity to promote our league in another large platform. Among the items that this team will work to develop is organized league events, as well as coordinating all communications and organization around the iRacing Special Events such as the Petite Le Mans and 2019 24 Hours of Daytona. Thsi team's goal will be to ensure that those emmbers who want to spend more time in iRacing, have a CanAm home for their activites, and can race together with other CanAm members. This team will consist of:

  • Nurrec
  • J_Mills89
  • Jason Rabe (Kaladin)

rFactor 2 Lead

This team is responsible for all things related to rFactor 2. As with iRacing, many league members have rFactor 2 and have been interested in organized events in that platform. This team will be responsible for organizing special events in rFactor 2 to help fill the gaps during our off season, and off weeks from our main series. Again, this will give us another promotional and larketing opportunity, as the rFactor 2 community is still very active and quite large. FOr now, this team will consist of only 1 member, but wiht support from the Executive Panel. Taking on this responsibility will be:

  • FreakVelocity
  • F1_Racer68

Many Thanks

As we mentioned last week, our goals and plans are lofty, and such lofty plans require a larger team to ensure success. Each of the members named above has stepped forward of their own free will and dedication to CanAm VRL and expressed a desire to help make these goals a reality. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication and committment to this league.

They are aware of the significance of these goals, and what the potential for this league is, and they have agreed to undertake the immense responsibility of representing CanAm VRL in their chosen areas.

Our goal is simple.... to ensure that we truly are "North America's Premier Sim Racing League". WIth this team now in place, the work can begin to ensure we achieve and retain that title.

Thursday 16 August 2018

The Winds of Change...

 F1_Racer68    16 Aug : 09:24
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It’s often said that the only constant in life is change.

It’s often said that the only constant in life is change. At CanAm Virtual Racing League, we are no strangers to change as the league has evolved over the past seven plus years of its existence.
We have adapted to a variety of different platforms in both simulation software and racing hardware, having evolved from a console centric league on PS3, to a PC based league. We have grown from GT5, to GT6, to Project CARS, iRacing and many other platforms.
We have had new members join, and we have seen past members depart.
Change is inevitable. The goal of any organization is to embrace the challenge of change and make sure that all those changes ultimately result in the betterment of the league.
It is with this goal in mind, that we make the following announcements:

New Season, New Cars

The members have voted, and the results are in. While the voting was close, the final decision is in favour of a change in direction. While we have become known as a MultiClass SportsCar Endurance based league, our next season will in fact be an IndyCar series.
We will undertake a 9 race (18 week) IndyCar series, beginning on Saturday, October 6th, 2018.
Because the voting was so close, and because we recognize that some of the SportsCar minded voting was split across several options, we have decided to keep the IndyCar series a bit shorter than normal and will return to our SportsCar Endurance roots immediately after. You will see more about this later, so keep an eye out for more polls and questions related to that as we begin to formalize that.

New Features, New Partners

As most of you already know, after a lengthy search, we finally have a broadcast team in place. We have partnered with Millsy.TV to bring professional, TV quality and style to our live streams and race replays. Millsy will be working with several members of our league to broadcast the live streams of every race. Helping Millsy in the booth will be FreakVelocity, Kaladin, and a few other special guests along the way.
Among the things planned for these race broadcasts are pre and post race driver interviews, so everyone should be ready to say a few words if, and when you are tapped on the shoulder. We are also planning a few special features, such as “Get to know...” segments, that will allow each of our drivers to be interviewed and become better known to our fans and spectators.
Along with our broadcast partner announcement, CanAm VRL is very proud to announce a new Technical Partner and Title Sponsor for our series. Beginning with the upcoming IndyCar series, Sabai Technology will be providing network infrastructure services for our league. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship as we launch the “CanAm IndyCar Series Presented by Sabai Technology”. You will also begin to see their logo and branding on many elements of our league as we go forward, including in the broadcasts, on the website, and on team liveries where possible.

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More Members, More Racing

In recent weeks and months, we have seen an increase in the number of members branching out into other sim racing platforms. In particular, we have seen a significant increase in the number of members frequenting iRacing, as well as rFactor2.
While our core, and official league platform will remain Project CARS2, we want to take advantage of the increased interest in other simulators in order to continue to evolve and grow CanAm VRL, as well as keeping all current members engaged in our league.
With that in mind, you will see our off weeks being filled with special events and recreational series on those other platforms.
Currently FreakVelocity is working on organizing some special events in rFactor2 for those that have the platform. We are also working with a few other members of the league to see about having a more organized, structured participation in iRacing.
As a new crop of racing sims enter the market later this year, I am sure we can expect this type of branching out to continue. These less formal activities will allow us to experiment with other sims, evaluate their benefits and flaws, and when the time comes, make an informed decision on how the league evolves in the future. While we are sticking with Project CARS2 for the near term, who knows what amazing sims the future holds?

It’s Lonely at The Top

With the current season drawing to an end, it is finally time to inform everyone that long serving panel member Nurrec has informed me that he will be stepping down at the end of the season. Nurrec is stepping away from his role for personal and family reasons.  Much like several other members of CanAm VRL, Nurrec is not leaving us completely. He will still be around. He’s really just taking a break from Project CARS2 and focusing on family and other pursuits. On behalf of all of us at CanAm VRL I want to thank him for his service to the league and wish him all the best in whatever direction the future takes him.
This leaves Docslap and myself a bit lonely and overworked as the last two remaining panel members. We had not yet filled the position vacated by Phos4us a few months ago. Docslap and I are discussing some changes in structure for the panel and the league as a result of our efforts to expand into other sim platforms. This level of diversity will require a more expanded leadership team. We will be looking for several people to join the team, so if you have any interest in helping to guide the future of the league, please let us know. We will share more details on our plans once we have them hashed out.

Onwards and Upwards

In closing, as I promised for the past several days (weeks?), there are a lot of amazing things happening for us right now. The future of CanAm VRL is very bright. We now have a major sponsor, a broadcast team, a new challenge with a race car few of us have experience with, and many future plans to carry this league forward. We are finally in a position to truly grow our league to the powerhouse we all know it can be. We have a lot of strong, veteran sim racers in our midst, and we have a number of up and coming sim racers in our midst. The talent pool is rich, the competition is fierce, and the future is bright!!
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