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  • New Season Starts April 7th

    [CAV] F1_Racer68
    Excitement is building as we approach the start of our next season of racing!

    The new season will once again feature a multicalss series running LMP2 and GT3 classes.

    There are currently 35 drivers registered, so we are hopefull there will be a full grid every race. We currently have 14 LMP2s and 21 GT3s with at least 1 more registration pending.
    A full list of competitros can be seen using our Spotter's Guide, located here[].

    Our schedule spans 11 races, spanning the globe. Races last of 90 - 145 minutes, with the 145 minute races simulating a full 24 Hour time frame (with full time of day transitions).

    Brands Hatch...1.5.................14-Jul
    Le Mans...........2.4.................25-Aug

    All races will be run using Real weather.

    If this past weekend's preseason Meet and Greet event was any indication, we will be in for some intense battles and amazing racing through the entire field.

    To be a part of the highest quality, most competitive Sim Racing in North America, come join us at CanAm VRL" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer" >(, North America's Premier Sim Racing League
  • New Season begins on October 7th

    [CAV] F1_Racer68
    Our next season of racing will take place within Project CARS 2 and is scheduled to begin on October 7th.

    Full details can be found on our website.

    Also check out or Season Promo trailer for full schedule of tracks and dates.
  • CanAm VRL Recruiting - IMSA Style

    [CAV] F1_Racer68
    I know it's early, but based on what we have all read already, CanAm VRL is already making plans for an IMSA based multi-class season within Project CARS2

    The series will be based on an IMSA style format running LMP2, GTE and GT3 cars.

    Start date will be announced once the game is available, but anyone interested is welcome to join us now already as we run a split class series in Project CARS. We are about to run our 4th race of this season, running LMP900 and GT3 cars.

    Our focus is realism and authenticity. As such, we run REAL weather, REAL aids, and as many settings as possible on REAL. Even our schedule replicates reality as we only race every second Saturday. Afterall, we need time to ship the cars from track to track smile

    Check us out at
  • Website down!!

    [CAV] F1_Racer68
    Due to a power outage, our webserver is down as of Friday July 1st @ 3:30 pm edt. Estimated repair time for power service is 3 hours but could be longer.
  • Season 2 Schedule Shaping Up!!

    [CAV] F1_Racer68
    Our race schedule will be as follows:
    1. July 16
    2. July 30
    3. August 13
    4. August 27
    5. September 10
    6. September 24
    7. October 8
    8. October 22
    9. Nov 5
    10. Nov 19
    11. Dec 3
    12. Dec 17

    We decided to only go with 12 races this season so that we could end right before the Holidays and start fresh in 2017 rather than having a 3 week break between races.

    The following 12 tracks will comprise the 2016 Season 2 schedule:
    • Catalunya
    • Nurburgring GP
    • Hockenheim
    • Road America
    • Circuit de La Sarthe (Le Mans)*
    • Spa Francorchamps*
    • Watkins Glen International
    • Brands Hatch GP
    • Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
    • Imola
    • Sonoma GP
    • Zhuhai GP
    The order and date for each track still need to be worked out, but the above tracks will make up our schedule. La Sarthe and Spa Francorchamps will be 2.4 hour races and simulate a full 24 hour event (x10 time progression). All others will be 90 minutes simulating either a 3 or 6 hour event (x2 or x5 Time Progression).

    Full schedule should be posted on our website by end of day Sunday, June 26th.

    Sign up on our website to join. Plenty of spots open still in each class. As of today we have 7 signed up for LMP2 and 8 signed for GT4.
  • REMINDER - Season 2 Registrations

    [CAV] F1_Racer68
    Don't forget to sign up for season 2!!

    If you ahven't done so already, make sure you sign up for our second season of raicng in Project CARS.

    The season will start in 1 month!! We still have a lot to do, including putting the schedule together. Knowing which drivers will participate, which class they will run in, and which tracks they want on the schedule will make that all a lot easier.

    See our website at for all the details.

    See you on track!
  • Season 2 Planning underway

    [CAV] F1_Racer68
    Our first 16 race season using project CARS is coming to an end with our final race on Saturday, June 11th. IT has been a good season so far. There have been a few hiccups along the way due to some bugs in the game, but we have learned a lot form them an have developed reasonable workarounds. Overall, this first season has been a success.

    Since we are now wrapping up Season 1, we have begun planning for our next season, which should start some time in July. The general format for Season 2 of our Project CARS championship has been determined. Based on Member voting, we will be planning a split class series using the following 2 classes:

    LMP2 - This class consists of 4 cars.
    • Alpine A450
    • Marek RP 219D LMP2
    • Oreca 03 Nissan
    • RWD P20 LMP2
    GT4 - This class will be limited to the following 4 cars:
    • Ford Mustang Boss 302R
    • Aston Martin Rapide Hybrid S
    • BMW M3 GT4
    • Toyota GT86 GT4
    The Ginetta G55 GT4 and the Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT4 will NOT be permitted as they have been proven to be unbalanced with the rest of the GT4 class. Extensive testing has been performed already on the official Project CARS forum and our initial tests have corroborated that testing.

    Anyone interested in joining us, please signup on our website. Simply create an account and sign up on the forum thread. A link can be found at the top of the main page under the Signup Pages menu (you must be a site member to see this menu)
  • Season 2 Planning underway!!

    [CAV] F1_Racer68
    Reminder to all members!!

    Season 2 planning is now underway. Step 1 is to gather suggestions of which class of cars we should race next season. Please submit your 2 prefered choices in the forum thread at

    Suggestions must be submitted no later than March 31st, 2016.

    Once all suggestions have been submitted, the most popular 3 or 4 choices will be posted for a final poll

    Now is the time to have your say. Don't miss out!
  • REMINDER - Round 2 tonight!

    [CAV] F1_Racer68
    Don't forget that race #2 is tonight. 1.6 Hours of Sakitto. Race activitie s begin at exactly 10:00PM EST. All registered drivers should be in the lobby before then.

    See you on track!
  • REMINDER - First Race this Saturday

    [CAV] F1_Racer68
    This is the final reminder that our first race of the season is this Saturday, November 14th at 10:00PM EST. There are still a few drivers who have not submitted their car selection. All registered drivers must have their car selection submitted no later than this Thursday, November 12th. Please be sure to check the Spotter's Guide page to ensure you are not selecting a car that is already chosen.

    We do still have a few open spots for the season as well. Anyone interested in participating, please review the Sporting regulations and register on the website. We can be found at

    See you on the track!
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