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CanAm Virtual Racing League (CanAm VRL) was established in 2011 by a group of Gran Turismo 5 online racers from the desire to have realistic sports car racing, and to promote fun, clean, competitive racing. We are a group of dedicated, hardcore racers (some with real world experience) who strive for the utmost in realism in our racing. Most in game settings are set to REAL and we run with full damage and Real Weather. Driver aids are limited as well to REAL.

While we are "hardcore" in our approach, favoring realism in all aspects of our racing, we welcome all skill levels and ages. Our main focus is on Driver Etiquette rather than age or skill level. Our current membership ranges in age from 17 to 50 years of age with varying skill levels.

Our first season was based on a 600 Performance Point (PP) GT race car class with races lasting a minimum of 2 hours. Since our first season, the league has continued to evolve and to grow into multiple series under a single sanctioning body. The league currently consists of 3 separate racing series, based on two seperate platforms (PS3 and PC).
Our Project CARS series are based within the PC version of Project CARS 2. With the lack of support of existing Logitech wheels on the PS4, many of our members decided to move to (or in some cases, return to) the world of PC based Sim Racing with the release of the first Project CARS. Our first season with this new platform was a GT3 based series with the first race of the season on Saturday, November 14th, 2015. Races take place on alternating Saturday nights. Races are anywhere from 1.5 to 2.4 hours in length with time progression to simulate the conditions of the real world counterpart event. Our 1.5 hour events simulate 3 - 6 hour races, while our 2.4 hour events simulate a 12 or 24 hour event.
We also have a number of less formal, recreational series in Project CARS on PC. This is held on alternating Saturday nights on the weekends between our Endurance Series events. This series consists of a 1 hour fun event featuring a different car and track combination for each event. These events are intended to be a more casual meet and greet style event and will give drivers an opportunity to try less commonly used vehicles. This series is hosted by many of our league members
The league leadership consists of an overall president with several panels of league members. Each series has it's own leadership panels. The panel is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations and regulations of each series as well as reviewing each event and addressing any issues or incidents. The league president is responsible for the overall direction of the league and all aspects of leadership and marketing of the league. Each Series is governed and guided by the panel to help ensure it follows the league's fundamental charter. The current leadership panel is:
  • President - [CAV] F1_Racer68
  • Project CARS [PC] Endurance Series Panel
    • Nurrec
    • Docslap
    • TBD
Anyone interested in participating in our top tier series (Project CARS Endurance Series) must register with the website and then sign up to the series via the appropriate Signup sheets (visible on the top menu after registering).
For the informal events, you simply need to join the site and then join us in the lobby on race day. THese events are generally open to the public.
Please feel free to look around. If you are interested in joining us, sign up for the site and join us on Steam for a race.
See you on track!!
League President.


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